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Elijah’s Hope

by: Tracy Boone

When Elijah reveals to his mom a hurtful thing said to him by another, she shows him what the Bible says of God’s love for people and that people were made with purpose. The element of the story with Elijah’s mom showing Elijah to go to the Bible to find ways to solve problems is […]

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Elijah's Hope
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When Elijah reveals to his mom a hurtful thing said to him by another, she shows him what the Bible says of God’s love for people and that people were made with purpose. The element of the story with Elijah’s mom showing Elijah to go to the Bible to find ways to solve problems is an important lesson to parents and children alike, in showing both can come together to talk about issues and find solutions for life’s situations through God’s Word. The story provides life-changing solutions to combat hurtful things said to children, and even to adults, with advice from the Bible.


Publisher: Xulon Press
Publish Date: 2016
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Paperback, Hardcover

Meet the Author

Since October of 1992, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people help themselves get to their fitness goals. Little did I know that God was setting me up for the ride of a lifetime. He has shown me so much, and I have been honored to be able to help these individuals one-on-one. Fitness is not just about the outside, it is about what is going on the inside. The outside is just a symptom of what is going on in the inside.

I’ll never forget 13 years ago when I was training a woman in our gym and the Spirit of the Lord came on me and what happened changed my life and my heart forever. I was showing a woman how to do a simple exercise called the Back Extension and as loud as loud can be I heard the Lord say “Take care of that because I made that”. It completely stopped me in my tracks. From that day forward, my vision seeing what God sees when He sees you has been such a gift. I see such value in each and every life. When I look into someone’s eyes I see their heart and what a miracle they are. It is true, I now saw the heart of the person instead of what they looked like. Each person is made uniquely, and God has a specific purpose in mind for each and every one of us. My hope for this program and book is for not only you to see yourself the way God sees you, but for you to see others also.

Over the years, God has shown me defeat and brokenness in His people and how people try to change the outside in order to change the inside. There is power and truth of What the Word of God says about who you are. We need to know our identity of who we are all of the time. Most of the time people overeat because they use food as comfort, when they should be focused on the Comforter, Jesus Christ. Shortly after the Lord lead me to do a small support group at my church. I was doing my internship under Pastor Larry Curry, where I invited about nine women and we started on this journey of writing this program for the Lord. The Lord would only give me the material for that week. So Tuesday night I would write the material, I would email the information to my dear friend Sandy, and she would proof and set the information for the Thursday night class. That is how this class began.

I never thought when I began this Bible teaching God gave me to help others, that I would have to use every drop of wisdom to recover from the most challenging events of my life. On December 23, 2012 my late husband, Reid, and father of my six year son, Elijah, died of a horrible brain disease called, CJD (a form of mad cow from an injection in the 1970’s), that was misdiagnosed until two weeks before he died. The disease affected the part of Reid’s brain for reason and understanding, so my son and I endured major trauma during that time. The last three years of his life were the most challenging of my life, or so I thought. Nothing could of prepared me for the three years following his death. Trying to grieve the loss of Reid while dealing with the trauma of his illness, hurt us terribly and was some of the hardest most challenging times of our lives. I literally felt like a human rubber band and watching my son at the same time was unbearable.

God has brought me through so many challenges and has inspired me in every part of this book. This is His book and His message because it is a story and lessons of His love for me. Just as it says in John 7:16-18, “Jesus answered them by saying, My teaching is not My own, but His Who sent Me. If any man desires to do His will (God’s pleasure), he will know (have the needed illumination to recognize, and can tell for himself) whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking from Myself and of My own accord and on My own authority. He who speaks on his own authority seeks to win honor for himself. [He whose teaching originates with himself seeks his own glory.] But He Who seeks the glory and is eager for the honor of Him Who sent Him, He is true; and there is no unrighteousness or falsehood or deception in Him”(AMP).

This is His Inspiration and I am just the delivery girl. I give God all of the glory, and I am only to bring this forth to hopefully help others and to honor Him. I just hope along the way these words touch each life and changes them forever. Only God can inspire and do this. I definitely cannot. I Thank You Lord for letting me be a part of this adventure. You are an amazing God and I am expecting great things for everyone that reads this book.

I am excited for You and I pray that You are just starting into the destiny that God has for You. Once you know who you are and can love yourself for what God has given you, the gift of life, then my hope is that you can accomplish what God has for You. God doesn’t make mistakes. You are worth it. God Bless.

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Paperback, Hardcover

“Elijah’s Hope”

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