Reid Boone Mr. Utah
The Power Source Within
On January 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

There is a “Power Source” within us that we can tap into for strength that pushes us through. Whatever we as humans want to call it without offending one another, or where it is from, it is the strength that has persevered for centuries to fight battles or build cities. Human nature is awesome and our bodies are wonderfully made. The cells that the human body are made up of can renew themselves over time to keep us healthy or transform muscles, larger or smaller, to shape our bodies into what we want to look like. With hard work and dedicated nutritional habits you can become the best you your genetic structure will allow.

With that said, not everyone wants to have a Mr. or Ms. Universe type body but they still want to be healthy and look fit. This is where you tap into that “Power Source” that you might need to use to do a workout when you do not feel like it, or push away from the table when the food tastes so good but you know you have eaten enough. This is the same strength that will give you that extra rep or that extra minute of cardio for the breakthrough you are looking for. In sports we call on that strength to push us to the winner’s circle. In life we call on it to help us succeed.

As a Christian I do not ride the fence and I do believe in a higher power that gets me through.  It is something that I have always known and there is a Spirit that lives within me that helps lift me up and get me through times of trouble. Not everyone identifies this “Power Source” the same way I do or the same way their neighbor does but it is inside all of us and it gives each person the strength to move forward in our lives. I am writing about this so everyone knows that this is something that can be built up each day. Each of us has a measure of faith that we use each day. It takes faith to walk out the door each day and drive your car 65 MPH just a few feet from someone going the same speed in the opposite direction. So if we have the faith to do that why would we not have enough faith that if we put in some work we could look the way we want. You are not junk, you were made wonderfully like everyone else. Now your problem might just be self esteem, but when you reach deep inside for the power to change, it is there. Remember “No Excuses.” Make time for yourself no matter what! You can’t take care of your family or loved ones if you are sick and tired and they have to take care of you! Focus on things ahead and above not behind and below and you will succeed.


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