Forward by Rev. Dr. Larry Curry

It has been an honor and a privilege to have a friendship and relationship with a person I respect and care for so much. The work and ministry of Tracy Boone extends beyond the pages of her book and this program. However, it’s an excellent start in helping you receive just some of the ways God has blessed her ministry. For God so loved us that He gave His only begotten Son, and in so doing He gave us people like Tracy to feed into the lives of God’s people.

Tracy has combined personal testimonies of her painful journey and the victorious ride. Read, learn, and grow from her stories; they can only add to your own lessons learned through her marriage, grief, loss and victory over defeat. For Tracy this book is her organized way of sharing and caring through ministering to her readers her own lessons learned. Read and enjoy.

In I Can Finish Well, the struggles and purpose of God’s children will be revealed in a personal and intimate way for each participant. It is never about the goals; it’s the process of learning and growing in the Body of Christ that will give you your salvation as you touch others’ lives. Truly this is demonstrated in the pages of this book and the weeks of personal pursuit of your journey and destiny.

Many of us have been under attack for years, but we didn’t know it; we may know that there’s a way out, but we can’t find it. Now you have an avenue that will point you in the right direction. It goes beyond just hope; it is learning to practice through your faith and understanding of just what God has planned out for you. Don’t miss your opportunity to receive and gain your blessing and walk with God by fully becoming all that He has assigned to your name.

The Word of the Lord says, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17). So we know weapons will be formed, but the Lord has told us they don’t have to prosper if we will have faith in Him and trust in His Word with not some, but all of our hearts and souls.

Through this book and program you will find and understand what God has in store for you, including your purpose, your destiny, and most of all the positioning of receiving your blessing. God never fails, and his appointed ones have been assigned to deliver His Word through a ministry that will help you to become what He has instructed your life to be from the inside out.

Rev. Dr. Larry Curry
Educator, and lecture in family and marriage ministries

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From the Publisher’s Review

When Elijah reveals to his mom a hurtful thing said to him by another, she shows him what the Bible says of God’s love for people and that people were made with purpose. The element of the story with Elijah’s mom showing Elijah to go to the Bible to find ways to solve problems is an important lesson to parents and children alike, in showing both can come together to talk about issues and find solutions for life’s situations through God’s Word. The story provides life-changing solutions to combat hurtful things said to children, and even to adults, with advice from the Bible.

Elijah Boone is an international speaker and advocate against bullying and for children who have lost a parent.

He is The Co-Founder and the face of Elijah’s Path to Healing Foundation The co-Host of the television show called “The Path to Healing Show on the NOW Network. Elijah is an 8th grade homeschooler who lives in Denver, Colorado.

His family managed, owned and operated three large fitness facilities until tragedy struck in 2012 when his father, Reid Boone, Died of brain disease. Elijah was six years when his father died.

Elijah and his mother, Tracy Boone, are kicking off their Believe and Be Heroic 2019 Tour in New York City.

Elijah’s a techie and enjoys all things Apple®, John Deere, FORD trucks, 5th Wheels, traveling, horses and the ranch life.

When Elijah was asked why do you want to do this he said,

“I want to be the guy that sits by that kid in school who is alone and teach others to do the same. Nothing is going to stop me from helping these kids.”

He and his Mom are going to travel the United States meeting kids in schools and at equine
centers all over the country helping them realize there is life after tragedy. He loves God, his family and sharing his heart from stage to bring the message to those hurting that they are not alone.

Elijah's Hope

“Jesus answered them by saying, My teaching is not My own, but His Who sent Me.”

John 7:16-18

Taking Authority

Reid Empowers Tracy


Tracy Boone is a breakthrough specialist, international speaker, author, sales team expert and child and family advocate. She is the co-host of the nation wide television show on the NOW Network called “The Path to Healing Show”.

For over two decades she has managed, operated and owned three 40,000 square foot multi-million-dollar fitness facilities in Denver, Colorado. She was married to Reid Boone, A Champion athlete that co-owned and operated the business with her family until tragedy struck in 2012 when her husband died of Cruetzfield-Jacobs disease. Her son, Elijah, was only six years old at the time. She and her young son have co-founded a non-profit, Elijah’s Path to Healing Foundation, taking the message of hope and healing. They are traveling across the country to help families who have lost a parent in schools and equine facilities.

Tracy holds the following designations: Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and TRX Team Training Camp Certified Coach. She has certifications in Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy and Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking. She is an Ordained Pastor and holds a Doctorate in Christian Counseling and Psychology from Carolina University
of Theology. Tracy’s two books are titled “I Can Finish Well” and “Elijah’s Hope, Who Am I?”

If you would ask her, she would say her most important titles are Mother and Child of God and being an advocate for families who have lost a parent.

Find the reason once and for all to take care of yourself and then get the motivation to do it.  You don’t have another body hanging out in the closet to slip on once this one wears out.

Discipline is hard for a little while, but regret is hard for a lifetime.

Just start… it’s never to late for a new beginning with God.