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Publishers Review
I Can Finish Well by: Tracy Boone
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    Tracy Boone

The overall theme of this book is incredibly relevant to society today. Taking care of yourself, your body, your health is something many are coming to realize needs to happen. There are a lot of people out there looking for a book just like this, and the fact it offers a Christian/biblical perspective is wonderful.

This book is highly interactive and allows the reader to apply what they’ve read/learned immediately with the questions and room for answers. This is critical, especially with this topic, so readers can apply what they’ve read quickly.

The first book of the New Children's book series from Tracy Boone!
Elijah’s Hope by: Tracy Boone
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    Tracy Boone

When Elijah reveals to his mom a hurtful thing said to him by another, she shows him what the Bible says of God’s love for people and that people were made with purpose. The element of the story with Elijah’s mom showing Elijah to go to the Bible to find ways to solve problems is an important lesson to parents and children alike, in showing both can come together to talk about issues and find solutions for life’s situations through God’s Word. The story provides life-changing solutions to combat hurtful things said to children, and even to adults, with advice from the Bible.

William (Bill) White’s Celebration of Life

William (Bill) White moved to Heaven last Sunday. Due to the Coronavirus, the family is unable to have you join them in person. However, you can join them virtually at 2:30 pm MDT on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. We will stream the celebration live, here, on our site. Click here to download and print the program for the service.
Once the stream begins you will be able to click on the video to expand the view to full screen. To do this, click on the video. In the bottom right-hand corner of the video, you’ll see some icons. Click on the icon shaped like the 4-corners of a box. Please note, you will not be able to see these controls until the live stream begins.

We say by faith | Tracy Boone

A video series is available

to accompany and instruct you through the I Can Finish Well program.

Please enjoy the sample video above called ‘Horses’.

" My testimony in this class has been tremendous. Not so much for losing weight because I didn’t need to, but for eating better and drinking water and being conscious of it and also daring to dream and knowing what I have to do now to pursue this dream. I know myself a lot better and what my temptations are. "
" In the last nine weeks I have lost 22.5 inches and 14.5 pounds. This is the minor change in the last nine weeks. The major change was learning how to eat properly and exercise on a regular basis. When I say exercise, it is not first a physical exercise but mental, emotional, and spiritual exercise—and self-confidence that I can lose in a healthy manner. I thank God Tracy Boone for believing in me and supporting me through all of my tests and trials. Because of you I have a testimony. My cholesterol count went down from 183 to 109. "
" I have been given strength in learning how to give God the glory. This class has been a blessing. I have learned a lot of great knowledge in every aspect. I have learned not to try to be controlling over things I have no control over. "
" The I Can Finish Well program was a Godsend for me. Knowing that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, I knew that I needed to get my body in shape for the ministry I am called to do. After many efforts, I finally realized I needed to work on my inside to see results on the outside. The process of seeing me as God sees me—a heart full of His love, compassion, and mercy inside of the full-figured, over-stuffed body—was freeing for me. As I have lost eighteen inches and approximately seven pounds, I learned to eat healthier, plan my meals, and celebrate every step of the way. I have a new lifestyle that glorifies God every day. "
" This testimony comes from the bottom of my heart and with tears in my eyes. My whole life, I have struggled with sugar—it consumed my life. I even ate it to go to sleep! Now, after God’s work in me and with the support from Tracy and the I Can Finish Well group, I have given up processed sugar! I had lost several pounds before but never could give up sugar. With revelation for the counseling in the I Can Finish Well (Step 5) class I have turned to the “real” God in my life. I can’t thank you enough for allowing our church to focus on fitness—“we love you. "
" The I Can Finish Well (Step 4) class has been a blessing to me. It has taught me to make the right food choices—to eat for nourishment and not for pleasure. Since I’ve made these changes in my diet, my heartburn and stomach pain are nonexistent. The exercise portion of the class was great, and I feel strong and full of energy. My final results were greater than I ever expected. I lost 19.75 inches and 9 pounds. Thank you, Tracy Boone; you’re the best. "
" I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical about taking this (Step 3) class. My friends invited me to participate and I’m grateful I did. Tracy did a fabulous job of leading the sessions. Her commitment and dedication to everyone attending was a true inspiration. I learned a great deal about myself that I had suppressed. Her focus on how God factors into every aspect of our lives was something they reinforced over and over again. I had lost sight of many things she brought back to light. I am extremely grateful I had this experience. "
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" When I made the decision to be obedient to God concerning my diet and exercise, I didn’t realize how many things in my life would change. My cholesterol dropped over thirty points. I lost 36.75 inches, medical tests for gastrointestinal problems, colon and stomach cancer, acid reflux and more came back negative or normal. I have made a determination that the devil will not steal my health any longer. The habitation of this body has been fashioned for the Lord’s presence, and the enemy has no authority here. This (Step 2) class helped me make the decision to make my physical health as important as my spiritual health. The accountability helps keep me going. I realized I must discipline my body in order to fulfill my purpose in ministry. "
" This (Step 1) class has helped me to look at myself in a different way and to make big changes in the way my son and I eat to have a healthy life. This class has helped me to look at myself differently in the mirror and to like what I see. I could not do that before. I am very grateful for this class. "
" As I sat through the program, I was able to look within myself and remind myself on the things I need to work on in my life. I have one lifetime here on earth and its my choice on how I live my life. Choices are what make you who you are today and in the future. I have to learn how to take care of myself and then I can project that on to others. I have to practice to walk by faith, not by sight. There is only one me and God so we have to work together. I have to trust Him. My body is a gift from God! I need to take care of it. This class allowed me to take time for myself this morning and reminded me how precious I am. "
Elijah's Path to Healing Foundation

Elijah’s Path to Healing Foundation

“I believe the Lord has led me to start a foundation to help the Widows and the Fatherless. Elijah’s Path to Healing Foundation will provide a community to help assist these special families in crisis. I know what this journey is like, and who better than my son and I to try and help these beautiful people through the path of healing.” –Tracy Boone, Founder

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper”

Isaiah 54:17

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